Nik Antona (National Chairman)

   Lynn Atack

 Nick Boley 

Ash Corbett-Collins 

 Ian Garner 

Hubert Gieschen

   Gillian Hough   

Jonathan Kemp

Abigail Newton  (Deputy Chairman)                     


Gary Timmins

Catherine Tonry


Ben Wilkinson









Photos will be uploaded in early 2020.





 Tom Stainer, Chief Executive

 Ken Owst, Deputy Chief Executive


 John Cottrell, Head of Membership


 Anita Gibson, Senior Finance Manager


 Stuart Donaldson, Senior Campaigns Manager


 Val Langford, Volunteer Support Manager


 Ellie Hudspith, Policy & Research Manager


 Greg Rycroft, Senior IT Manager


  Katherine Alman, Events Assistant

 Gary Fowler. Membership Manager


 Tim Hampson, Editor – What’s Brewing


  Glyn Shand, Health, Safety & Compliance Adviser